We got caught up

Diamond's Story

Hey hey, y’all. I’m Diamond. I’m an Artist. A Poet. An open, self-proclaimed activist. Fierce. The free spirit in my group of girlfriends, or at least that’s how they describe me when they’re busy match-making!  I replenish my spirit with some spoken word or a good Hatha Yoga session.

Messy bed closeup in bedroom

My Relationship Situation

I enjoy my freedom. I’m openly exploring, being present in my journey, as I date different guys. I love me a thinker who is cool and confident, but I am not ready for anything serious. I feel like if it’s meant to be, it will continue to evolve.

That Afternoon

It was back in the fall when I got caught up. Everything was just so right in that moment. I was taken in by our spontaneous connection. It was instantly magnetic. I’m usually super clear about my expectations, but not that afternoon. We got lost in the energy.

Radical What?

Weeks later, I still felt a way about not protecting myself completely that afternoon. I went to a Yoga class to get my mind off things. As I walked in the entrance, there was a postcard on the table promoting a radical self-care event happening that night. The words ‘self-care and HIV testing’ caught my attention immediately. Say less! Could this be a sign? 

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If you've ever been
in a situation...

Sister to sister

Self-care goes deeper
than the skin.

If you are a Black woman between the ages of 29-49, you are in the group that is showing higher rates of HIV infection. Early detection is important in order to live a full, healthy life. 

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Redefining Our Self-Care
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