Promoting radical self-care for Black women.
Radical self-care means
caring for ourselves first, by embracing practices that keep us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy. We must fill our cup first, then give to others from the overflow.
Let's redefine our
self-care routine to
include HIV testing.
Because self-care goes deeper than the skin.
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To our Black Sisters,

As you know, we often put ourselves last, even while many of us bear the extra burden of being pillars and caregivers in our communities. Through The Care Collective, we are reclaiming and redefining our self-care by putting ourselves first; because our health outcomes matter too!

~ The Care Collective Team

Through this campaign we are encouraging Black women to make regular HIV testing a part of our self-care by bringing open and honest dialogue to spaces where we gather.

We Will...

Bringing Black women together
to make HIV testing a part of our
individual & community self-care.

As Black women, we often find ourselves in the role of ‘caregivers’ – caring for our families, our friends, 
our communities, often neglecting our own self-care. Through The Care Collective we are bringing our self-care
to the fore 
and prioritizing our health by bringing HIV testing into conversations and spaces where Black women gather.

Redefining Our Self-Care
© 2021