It was a lit night!

Keisha's Story

Heyyy Keisha’s in the house! Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m fun. Social. The life of the party. Happy go lucky. They ain’t lying. My move is always be ready for anything! When I need to pick up my vibe there’s nothing like hitting the club. Music is life!


My Relationship Situation

My love life is great! I’m free, single and ready to mingle. I spend my time my way. Raising my son on my own keeps me busy and not looking for anything serious with anyone. My eye candy is that confident guy, with loads of swagger. A party starter like yours truly. 

That night

We had planned our annual ladies only getaway at this resort. It was so lit!!  Let’s just say that after the first night there, the Friday DJ was my holiday honey for the remainder of our trip.
Radical What?

A month after being back from the trip, I had a serious bout of the vacation blues. I decided to get my nails did as a pick me up. I called up one of my girls and 2 hours later I was sitting in the chair of my favourite nail salon. As I was waiting, a pamphlet on the magazine  table caught my eye.  It mentioned how Black women should put our self-care first by making regular HIV testing part of our care routine. This got me thinking about holiday bae and my 7 days of ‘fun’. I couldn’t take my thoughts off that pamphlet. What if I had been exposed to more than just a good time?

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Self-care goes deeper
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If you are a Black woman between the ages of 29-49, you are in the group that is showing higher rates of HIV infection. Early detection is important in order to live a full, healthy life. 

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